Purpose-built, custom military containers

For expertise in producing advanced container solutions, DC-Supply ranks among the best in class. For almost 40 years, we have been the global supplier of flexible, adaptable and durable mobile and stationary containers for both military and private sectors.

Supplying virtually any kind of container solution, to anywhere - our company is proudly built upon a core skill set of advanced technical know-how, superior workmanship and unique customer service - positioning us where we are today. From purpose-built ISO container products to highly specialised custom solutions, even based on other container or agency products, DC-Supply is ready for any task.

DC-supply is the patent holder for a specialised insulation panel with ballistic protection achieving up to Level 3/STANAG 4569, that functions down to -51° C.

DC-Supply is the Danish agent for Kärcher Futuretech, providing products within CBRN, kitchens, and also water purification. 

All our products come with subsequent follow-up and service - no matter where they are put to use. We meet quality certification ISO 9001:2015.

DC-Supply A/S
Virkelyst 8, DK-9700 Noerreundby, Denmark
Tel. +45 7023 1380
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